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Nov 14 2008, San Francisco: One Planet presentation at launch of Living PLanet Report 2008

Nov 14 2008 @ Global Business Network, San Francisco. Greg Searle is joining Mathis Wackernagel of Global Footprint Network and Dr. Jean Rogers of Arup to speak at an event marking the launch of the Living Planet Report 2008 at Global Business Network in San Francisco. Also present to answer questions about Sonoma Mountain Village were Geof Syphers, Richard Pope, and Kirstie Moore of Codding Enterprises.  An important development in this year’s report is the adoption of a new index created (finally!) to measure human demand on water: the water footprint, developed by University of Twente, Netherlands Professor Arjen Hoekstra, who also founded the Water Footprint Network, aimed at promoting the transition toward sustainable, fair and efficient use of freshwater resources by advancing the science and application of the water footprint.  The “Water Footprint” measures human demand on fresh water and complements the Ecological Footprint’s measurement of human demand on (other) living resources to give a much fuller footprint.

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