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Sep 3-4 2009, Bellingham WA: “Green Buildings are Not Enough” lecture, keynote

Sept 3 2009 @ 7:00PM PST – Bellingham, WA. Greg Searle is to provide a free community lecture on Smart Growth and One Planet Communities, hosted by Sustainable Connections.
Location: Bellingham Cruise Terminal, Bellingham

Sept 4 2009 @ 830am : Greg Searle is to provide the keynote address for the 2009 Smart Growth for Sustainable Communities Conference.
The 4th Annual Smart Growth Conference will be a catalytic agent for finding common ground among diverse perspectives and forging consensus on common issues related to land use policy and practice. Together, this diverse group of community leaders can see to it that growth management and real estate development creates a quality built environment which adds long-term economic, environmental and social value to our community that benefits citizens today, and future generations. Topics will include: True Urbanism, Density Done Right, One Planet Communities, Sightline Scores Smart Growth, and updates on Green Factor Analysis and how this relates to the FIVE/12 initiative and Urban Villages.
Location: Bellingham Cruise Terminal, Bellingham

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