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Sonoma Mountain Village Approved

An existing light industrial "big box" building at SOMO, with a facade newly retrofitted with Genesis SFS steel framing..

America’s first One Planet Community is well on its way to realization – Codding Enterprise’s Sonoma Mountain Village project has been approved for entitlement by the Rohnert Park City Council.   Included in the plan are new fire and police stations, a broader range of housing types, greater sales-tax revenues, precedent-setting green and sustainable environmental practices and significant employment opportunities for the city.

The project is “exactly what we need in terms of stimulating economic development in this city,” Councilman Jake Mackenzie said.

Slated to begin construction on new homes in 2011-2012, the plan consists of 1,892 homes and over 825,000 square feet of retail, commercial, and hotel space.  There will also be 27 acres of open space, which is distributed among 12 small parks and a village square. The plan is expected to be built in three to six phases over the next 12 to 20 years.

Over 4,000 jobs will be created in SOMO which recently was named one of six Innovation Hubs in the state of California.  Some of the companies that have located at the SOMO village are AT&T, Comcast, DC Power Systems and Genesis SFS (formerly Codding Steel Frame Solutions).

Codding Enterprises, the owner/developer of the project, strictly follows One Planet Communities guidelines.

More information about the Sonoma Mountain Village can be found at

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