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Sep 22 2010, Toronto: One Planet House Retrofit seminar @ Green Building Festival

Toronto. Scott Demark of Build Green Solutions will present on his project to transform his home using the One Planet approach. Download the Powerpoint here (25,899 KB).

Seminar Synopsis: One Planet House Retrofit. This seminar is an in-depth case study of a deep green sustainability retrofit in Ottawa, Canada. This project involves the demolition of all but the shell of an existing 1920′s home, and retrofits it to meet LEED Platinum/PassivHaus standards. Using the One Planet framework the design of this home looks broadly at sustainability, including net zero energy, ultra-low potable water usage, sustainable materials, exemplary indoor air quality, on-site food growing, and responsible site selection. The objective is to present a detailed case study of one of the greenest homes in North America. Attendees will learn about the One Planet framework’s application to green home design, the challenges of building deep green, and be inspired to incorporate sustainability innovations into their projects. Read more.

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