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Oct 27 2010, Portland OR: One Planet Training at EcoDistricts Summit

Tuesday October 26 2010 @ 10:45am PST. Greg Searle of BioRegional North America and Indigo Teiwes of Carbon Advantage will be speaking on metrics and footprinting at the EcoDistrict Summit in Portland. The conference will focus on learning from integrated district-scale sustainability projects and will explore the topics of district utilities, green buildings, smart grid, transportation, urban habitat, water management, waste management and community development.

Wednesday October 27 2010 @ 9:00am PST. ONE PLANET TRAINING COURSE. Eco-districts + Eco-lifestyles = One Planet Communities. Learn from Geof Syphers, Chief Sustainability Officer at Sonoma Mountain Village, how this 1,900 unit masterplanned, solar-powered community is being designed to create an 83% reduction in total carbon footprint of its residents — and creating thousands of green jobs with its green business incubator. The workshop goes on to teach the practical implementation of the One Planet Living process, including strategies for Zero Carbon, Zero Waste, and Sustainable Food and Transportation. You will help create a Sustainability Action Plan for a real-world new project and learn the science and process of the One Planet Living program through its application. The program will emphasize “fostering” and “enabling” eco-lifestyles for residents in new build and existing building situations, which have been shown at the BedZED eco-neighborhood in the UK to have contributed 42% of total carbon savings. Learn from Greg Searle, Executive Director at BioRegional North America and a former BedZED resident, how this eco-lifestyles program succeeded and is evolving in One Planet Communities around the world. Read More.