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Annual Review of Sonoma Mountain Village published  //  test here.

Annual Review of Sonoma Mountain Village published

As part of the ongoing endorsement of Sonoma Mountain Village (SOMO) in California, USA, BioRegional has recently reviewed the progress against the project’s One Planet Action Plan. SOMO’s developer, Codding Enterprises, have been operating within a particularly difficult economic climate resulting in the delay of construction of the new build residential phase. However, a significant amount of progress has been made, focusing on the existing buildings and the business space.

Some of the key achievements include good progress against the pathway to zero carbon, with a 1.14 MWe PV array and the start of construction of an additional 1 MWe array. All occupied existing buildings have undergone significant retrofits for water and energy efficiency and one tenant, Comcast, achieved the Platinum LEED rating. The Comcast retrofit managed to achieve a 98% diversion of waste away from landfill which is the highest in LEED history. Furthermore, Codding have been working very hard lobbying for a regional passenger train service in Sonoma county, which will have a station located in a 10 minute walk from the town square, as part of the sustainable transport strategy for the site.

Much has been done to set up community facilities including developing an Event Centre which held 200 events last year and gives priority to environmental groups. There are now over 700 jobs on site in the commercial premises and a successful green business incubator has been set up.

Codding worked with BioRegional to assess the embodied carbon impacts of their light weight steel frame system. It was found that for the building specification being considered this system had a significantly lower carbon impact than a standard concrete frame (though savings were smaller if compared to low carbon concrete).

There are early indications that SOMO has become a catalyst in their region and inspired other developers to create plans for zero carbon zero waste communities. Codding are showing that it is possible for a developer to reach outside the typical scope of a company and really influence the wider community to become more sustainable. Congratulations to Codding Enterprises on the many successes achieved in the first North American One Planet Community!

You can read the full Annual Review report by clicking on the link below:

And you can find the original One Planet Action Plan here: