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May 29 2011, Vancouver: One Planet Districts at Living Future

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Presenters: Vincent Martinez, Director of Research for Architecture 2030; Brett Phillips, LEED-AP is the sustainability project manager for Unico; David Cutler, AIA; Greg Searle, One Planet Lifestyles;  Moderator: Peter Dobrovolny – Green Building Specialist, City of Seattle Green Building, Washington

Neighborhood and community standards, like the Living Building Challenge V2 and One Planet Communities, provide compelling visions of what our built environment and its associated attributes need to look, feel and act like. Yet these aspirations are confronted with apparent financial, social and political barriers and resistance to perceived rapid and radical change. Rather than settling for design and development opportunities that only accept incremental changes which are insufficient to confront the challenges society and the planet face, this session will explore how these idealistic standards and their examples can expand the vision of project opportunities that do exist.