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One Planet Lifestyles #001

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One Planet Lifestyles #001

Highlights this issue:

    • Design with Intent Toolkit
    • Using the elevator as the “town square”
    • OPower’s happy face powers efficiency behaviors
    • Waste diversion interfaces that use dioramas to make separation at source more intuitive
    • Cyclepods – Encouraging cycling through providing innovative, ergonimic bike storage!
    • Bicycle commuters are more intelligent!
    • is a great interface for making public “commitment contracts”.
    • A shift from a ‘Me Culture’ to a more community based ‘We Culture’ is perceptible around the world…
    • Compost can save your sanity
    • Big Hanna composter at One Brighton
    • The Breakthrough Institute: Why Energy Efficiency May Not Decrease Energy Consumption
    • Bike trains are a terrific way to get school children riding safely to school en masse.
    • (R)Evolutions per Minute: Cargo Bikes in the US – a trailer for the crowdsourced documentary
    • Great tips on promoting/incentivizing car-sharing at the office
    • Van-pooling rocks for office commutes. Find out why…
    • Peer-to-peer car-sharing startup Getaround launches in the Bay Area.
    • The Future of Car Sharing
    • Great study from PSU shatters myths about food-miles
    • What is Meatless Monday?
    • Lecture by Prof. Christakis argues that social networks have the power to spread obesity-or happiness-like contagion.
    • Sustainability: 4 Principles for Behavior Change | Practically Green
    • What It Means to Unconsume

Let’s create places where happier/healthier green lifestyles are convenient & the norm. This e-zine curates social news at the intersection of place-making, consumption, & behavior change – compiling tactics to reduce GHG impacts of transport, food, waste, energy & water at the block/building scale.