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One Planet Reno home retrofit completed in Ottawa

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One Planet Reno home retrofit completed in Ottawa

Home-owner and green engineer Scott Demark and his partners at Build Green Solutions have finished their renovation of a 1920′s home in Ottawa using the One Planet Communities framework. This is the first-ever implementation of the One Planet Communities framework at the scale of a single home retrofit, and is an exciting demonstration project for the program.* An upcoming PBS documentary about the project will feature Scott Demark and Greg Searle of BioRegional North America discussing key learnings from the project.

BuildGreen Solutions took Scott’s energy and water guzzling home and have transformed it into a showpiece of sustainability. Incorporating two of the most ambitious sustainability strategies in the world – Passive House and One Planet Communities (as a potential first single family home retrofit pilot project), the project has an ideal site that is a close walk to all kinds of wondrous urban amenities. The tight urban site prevented the team from using giant thick walls or massive PV arrays to achieve carbon neutrality from operations. Instead they relied on clever design and a rigorous attention to detail.

A terrific blog by Build-Green chronicles the project’s successes, challenges and failures from design, through to construction and into occupancy . The aim has been to share our lessons learned broadly so that people can replicate, emulate and improve upon our work.

For a high-level description of the project’s bold sustainability targets and strategies visit the One Planet Action Plan page. Some highlights:

  • Annual heating energy demand reduced to 29 kWh per square metre. (The Canadian average is 239 kWh/sq.m.)
  • R85 roof, R45-66 walls, R45-55 basement slab, R7.2 low-e, argon, triple-paned fiberglass windows.
  • 63 per cent of all space heating and domestic hot water heating demand met by the sun (active solar thermal systems.)
  • 3.68 kW photovoltaic array generates 4549 kWh/year, 997kWh short of achieving net-zero energy.
  • Due to provincial feed-in tariffs for building-mounted solar power, the annual value of electricity sold to the grid is roughly $3,500 more than the cost of electricity bought from the grid.
  • Over 95 per cent of house demolition and construction waste diverted from landfill.
  • All new wood products are Forest Stewardship Council Certified as sourced from sustainable forestry practices.
  • Salvaged, re-purposed, low-VOC and non-offgassing materials used throughout.
  • 10,750L rainwater cistern to ensure non-potable water for toilet flushing and irrigation
  • Partial green roof, to be used for a vegetable garden.

Visit the One Planet Renovation gallery on Flickr
Visit the One Planet Renovation blog
View the One Planet Action Plan
Download a recent Powerpoint by Scott discussing the project

Who is BuildGreen Solutions – “BuildGreen is a development management and sustainability consulting firm that works on leading-edge green building projects with progressive partners. We are part of the Windmill Developments family of companies. This project is a continuation of our work in moving the bar higher for green development projects. It has been our great pleasure to work on some of the first LEED projects in North America, some of the first LEED Platinum projects (including the world’s highest scoring LEED project ever – Dockside Green), some of the first LEED for Neighborhood Developments projects, and some of the first large-scale carbon neutral projects in the world (particularly with our friends at BioRegional and theOne Planet Communities project). This small retrofit project allows us to test and apply lessons learned from those groundbreaking projects on the single family home scale. If we want to get to true sustainability we need to carefully retrofit existing neighborhoods and buildings. This is one small, but exciting, nudge in the right direction.”