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May 23-25 2012, Garrison (NY): Greg Searle presents at Climate, Buildings and Behavior Symposium

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May 23-25 2012, Garrison (NY): Greg Searle presents at Climate, Buildings and Behavior Symposium

Greg Searle was a speaker on occupant engagement in multifamily residential buildings at the Garrison Institute’s fourth annual Climate, Buildings and Behavior Symposium, in Garrison, NY, which showcased effective strategies for increasing the environmental sustainability of building operations and occupant behaviors in commercial and multi-family residential buildings. The event convened over 80 for-profit and not-for-profit real estate professionals, government representatives, social scientists and building industry experts from across the United States. The Climate, Buildings and Behavior (CBB) project is a component of the Garrison Institute’s Climate, Mind and Behavior (CMB) program which integrates emerging knowledge from the behavioral and social sciences about what drives human behavior, with new thinking about climate change policies and solutions, in order to generate more achievable outcomes.

Greg discussed successes and best practices in multi-family residential buildings, including occupant engagement and behavioral change, persuasion design, metering, and operational solutions, and featured  BioRegional’s experience with its new ecoConcierge program.
He elaborated on how 42% of household carbon savings at BedZED derived from behavior change, and how household empowerment coaching plays a role at the Blairs Apartments based on David Gershon’s EcoTeams approach. Greg also explored “Design for Sustainable Behavior”.

BioRegional’s ecoConcierge and Design for Sustainable Behaviours programs make healthy, low-carbon lifestyles more convenient in existing buildings. For more information on achieving emissions reductions in multi-family residential buildings through BioRegional’s EcoConcierge program, please contact Greg