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Oct 23-26 2012, Portland: Greg Searle to speak at EcoDistricts Summit, Portland Sustainability Institute

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Oct 23-26 2012, Portland: Greg Searle to speak at EcoDistricts Summit, Portland Sustainability Institute

Greg Searle will present on sustainable behaviors in buildings with Dr. Karen Ehrhardt-Martinez at the 2012 International EcoDistricts Summit in Portland, Oregon, hosted by the Portland Sustainability Institute.  The Summit is one of the world’s leading conferences dedicated to urban and district-scale sustainability.

The three-day event will convene a collection of the world’s leading professionals and projects to share the most inspiring global projects and best practices, explore innovative topics, and connect with each other.  Posted summit topics include community engagement and governing strategies for district-scale sustainability; how to finance and develop component projects in an EcoDistrict, including infrastructure, buildings and programs;  district-scale solutions focused on one sustainable neighborhood initiative (in-depth sessions); and inspiring initiatives and sustainability innovations from around the world.

Greg and Karen will lead a 4-part session including extensive presentation on  how  ergonomic  design,  household  coaching,  services,  metering  and  feedback  can  make  sustainable  behaviors  the  new  normal  in  EcoDistricts  and  reduce  carbon  footprints  from  energy,  water,  transport,  waste,  food,  and  shopping  by  roughly  25%;  and a workshop in which attendees use the Design With Intent toolkit to invent “persuasion design” solutions.

Dr. Karen Ehrhardt-­Martinez is a nationally recognized expert on the behavioral and social dimensions of energy and climate change, and is the director of the Climate, Mind and Behavior (CMB) program at the Garrison Institute.   CMB draws on new insights from cognitive, behavioral and social sciences about the drivers of human behavior to generate more effective climate solutions.

Greg  Searle  is  a  sustainable  community  strategist,  facilitator,  and  sustainable  lifestyle  management  coach,  and  the  Executive  Director  of  BioRegional  North  America.  Greg  manages  the  ecoConcierge  and  Design  for  Sustainable  Behaviors  programs  which  make  healthy,  low-­‐carbon  lifestyles  more  convenient  in  existing  buildings  through  occupant  engagement  and  behavior  change.