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BioRegional at Rio+20

For many years it has been BioRegional’s ambition to participate in Rio+20 to showcase sustainable solutions to the world and inspire individuals, organisations, businesses and governments to adopt the one planet living framework to achieve sustainability.

Our aims

Globally, we want the world to achieve one planet living by 2030. To make this happen we have developed a campaign towards Rio+20 with two simple aims:

1. To ensure that the Rio+20 treaty and policy package delivers solutions to overcome the barriers to one planet living.

2. To ensure that during the Rio+20 process 40 countries from both the global south and north commit to producing plans to enable their citizens to achieve one planet living by 2030.

In our experience many people find one planet living an easy way to understand sustainability and Rio+20 is the perfect opportunity to let it “float up” and be used more widely. We are offering it as a banner for the world to get behind where we can herald real life stories of sustainability and offer scale-able solutions and tools to help everyone to act. All countries need to make a plan to achieve one planet living within the limits and timeframe that science and morality tells us is necessary- the Rio+20 process gives us the platform to stimulate this sort of national one planet living uptake.

Working with partners

The One Planet Communities programme is creating a network of earth’s greenest neighbourhoods, where it is easy, attractive and affordable for people to live a healthy, happy lifestyle within a fair share of our planet’s resources. These real-life projects provide invaluable case studies that inspire and motivate governments to realise that sustainable living can be achieved, they offer a glimpse of the future to which the world can aspire.

We are calling for our partners to join us on the Rio+20 platform in June 2012 to present to the world their real-life projects and encourage individuals, organisations, businesses and governments to make one planet living commitments to achieve sustainability.

Planned activities

To achieve our aims, over the next 12 months BioRegional will also be…

  1. convening a high level dialogue to draw out global solutions to barriers to one planet living and submit them in time for consideration in the “zero draft” of the treaty.
  2. developing prototype national one planet plans with progressive countries and locally-based organisations from both the global south and north.
  3. enabling others to achieve one planet living by offering tools and advice, building on BioRegional’s existing toolkit which has been used in more than 50 countries.
  4. launching a public campaign using real life one planet living case studies, as inspiration for people to make their own personal one planet living commitments and to let decision makers know what they are expecting from them.

We would like to invite our partners to join us at each stage of this campaign to secure a sustainable and equitable future through One Planet Living at Rio+20. For more details, please download the  One Planet Living  Campaign Prospectus .