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Our Team in North America

Our work in the US and Canada is guided by a Board of Directors comprised of experienced green architects and real estate developers, lead by chairman Bob Berkebile and Vice President Dan Slone.


Greg SearleExecutive Director (Ottawa)

Greg is a sustainable community strategist,  facilitator, and occupant engagement specialist. He is also an international speaker.

Greg has lead on the development of sustainability action plans for some of the greenest planned neighborhood developments on the continent. He heads up the integrated planning and verification of One Planet Communities across the continent. Greg is also a specialist in designing for sustainable behaviors and occupant engagement in existing buildings, master-planned communities, and ecodistricts. Greg is a certified ecoTeams trainer and designs programs for eco-concierges and property teams to increase retention and  building efficiency while reducing tenant footprint.

Read Greg’s full bio here.

Laura Scrimgeour-CarterSustainable Behavior & Health Promotion Specialist (Ottawa)

Laura holds a Masters degree in Environmental Psychology from the University of Canterbury and is a specialist in Community-Based Social Marketing (CBSM) and motivating behavioral change.  Laura is experienced in designing and implementing innovative behavior change programs that encourage ordinary people to adopt more sustainable behaviors.

Read Laura’s full bio here.

Freya SeathPolicy & Advocacy Manager  (New York City)

Based in New York City, Freya is the International Policy Advisor to BioRegional Development Group’s London-based Leadership and External Affairs Team. Since 2010, Freya has been coordinating BioRegional’s participation in the Rio+20 process and more broadly leads on BioRegional’s policy work  internationally, and has been influential in embedding BioRegional’s practical examples from One Planet Living into the Rio+20 process.

Freya has an MA in Social Anthropology and Sociology from the University of Edinburgh.

Brett HodnettOperations Manager (Ottawa)

Brett  manages BioRegional North America’s operations and research programs, and has been an important contributor to all of the One Planet Action Plans undertaken in North America. He is a naturalist and trained biologist with a Masters of Science degree in botany from the University of Toronto. Brett is the author of Paddling with a Naturalist, a biologist’s field guide to experiencing creeks and lakes. He is an avid canoeist who has also published numerous articles in canoeing journals. Brett has worked as a member of the climate change action team of the David Suzuki Foundation, with Canada’s National Roundtable on the Environment, Genuine Progress Indicators, Ontario Lands for Life, and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. Brett also holds a combined Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Environmental Science from the University of Toronto.