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Design for Sustainable Behaviors Service

BioRegional’s behaviour change work dates back to 2002, and has deeply influenced the design and operation of real estate projects in the United Kingdom, such as One Brighton, and in North America, such as the Blair Apartments in Silver Spring, MD.

The way we’ve designed our cities and buildings in the past has created a template for living that most people follow without much thought, and that template makes it inconvenient to live sustainably. Building designers and operators have tremendous influence to rewrite this template, and to make it easier for ordinary people to change their lifestyles.


TopServices Offered

1. For new projects, our design services can help inject best practices for tactical behaviour change into the planning process. We will draw on our experience to recommend ergonomic options for features such as secure bicycle storage, car-share parking, community agriculture siting, recycling & composting facilities, secure storage for local food box delivery, community laundry and kitchens, etc.

2. For projects that are further along, we provide Masterplan and Building Design Reviews which assess drawings, and provide recommendations for modifications (normally fairly minor and inexpensive) that will make adoption of sustainable behaviors much more convenient for residents.

3.For existing buildings, BioRegional provide assessments and recommendations for inexpensive retrofits along the same lines.

These approaches explore building retrofits or design measures and service partnerships that will make the adoption of sustainable behaviours as ergonomic and convenient as possible. Operations Recommendations will furthermore propose to the owners or managers improvements to management plans, policies and practices to help make sustainable behaviors the “default behaviors”.