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Measuring our Quality of Life at the Blairs

The Blairs residents are being invited to take a quick online survey in three parts, one a month for the next three months.

The easiest way to improve your lifestyle is to first know what needs attention. These surveys are designed to give YOU feedback about things that matter an awful lot, like your health and well-being, your relationship to your community, and your footprint on the planet.

It’s all part of the Lifestyle Program’s commitment to measuring improvements in the lives of people living at The Blairs that arise from our investment in the Lifestyles Program.

If you haven’t taken survey 1 yet, please do!


1. Quality of Community Survey


The Blairs residents are invited to take a 2-minute online survey about Quality of Community at the Blairs. Answer questions like “how many neighbors do you know” and get feedback on how connected you are with your Community Connectedness Score! Assessing your “social capital” in your own life is a key to living a healthier, happier lifestyle.

When the survey is over we will publish a Report Card on Community Connectedness based on averages of scores from everyone who participated.

It will take approximately 2 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

BioRegional North America, a nonprofit organization with many years of experience in creating sustainable, healthier communities, is assisting the Tower Companies in delivering the Lifestyles Program at the Blairs.