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Introducing the EcoConcierge Occupant Empowerment ProgramMaking low-carbon 21st-century lifestyles convenient and easy.

“We won’t meet the climate challenge without significant changes to our lifestyles – but busy lives and poorly designed buildings get in the way. BioRegional can help building owners make healthy, sustainable living far more convenient for their tenants with a helpful building ecoConcierge. And by making small but clever improvements to our homes and offices, the Design for Sustainable Behaviors program ensures that sustainable choices become the new easy defaults in buildings.”    

David Gershon, author, Social Change 2.0 and The Low-Carbon Diet

The EcoConcierge approach is based on the successful social process developed at BedZED (where 42% of carbon savings were from behavior change assisted by an ecoConcierge), improved over 8 years of implementation with clients such as the Discovery Channel and in One Planet Communities, and incorporates the latest techniques for practical behavior change from the social sciences and such pioneering books as Nudge and Social Change 2.0. The approach is framed by the 10 principles of One Planet Living, which have been used to deliver some of the most inspiring sustainability projects in the world, from the London 2012 Olympics to B&Q (the UK’s largest home hardware chain) to the $1 billion Sonoma Mountain Village masterplanned community.

Building upon new findings from behavioral science, BioRegional and the ecoConcierge team provide a full range of concierge services, community based social marketing, household coaching, and clever choice architecture that help occupants radically reduce not just their energy and water consumption, but also their oversized transport, food, waste, and shopping impacts as well. The program’s goals are to measurably improve social capital and neighborliness, health and wellness, and  household carbon footprint, with outcomes that include increased operational savings,  tenant retention and marketplace reputation for building owners.


The behavior change service offerings outlined below are designed to help developers, building owners and managers to implement cost-effective measures that will:

A) increase quality of life, health, happiness and interaction among residents or tenant employees through healthier behaviors and increased social capital

B) shrink the GHG footprints of participating occupants by 25-50% by providing the infrastructure and social programs that make sustainable behaviors easy and practical

C) provide building owners a measurable savings in operational and maintenance costs

BioRegional’s approach is to build capacity within the client’s operations to run these programs independently, with ongoing guidance and annual verification audits from BioRegional.

The Pilot Program
The Tower companies are one of the first participants in BioRegional’s EcoConcierge pilot program.