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The One Planet Living Initiative

Globally we’re consuming resources and polluting the planet at a level forty per cent higher than the earth can renew or absorb. Ecological footprinting shows that if everyone in the world consumed as many natural resources as the average person in North America, we’d need five planets to support us.

Living within a fair share of the earth's resources

A world in which people everywhere can lead happy, healthy lives within their fair share of the earth’s resources

One Planet Living is not just another framework for sustainability. It is an inspiring, positive vision of a sustainable world where we live a higher quality of life within the natural limits of the planet. Our work with partners in real life examples show that one planet living is achievable. The framework uses ecological footprinting, 10 One Planet Principles of sustainability, and our 4-Step Approach as a simple way to plan, deliver, communicate and mainstream sustainable development and the green economy. Through facilitation, coaching and verification services, BioRegional applies the framework to help municipalities, companies, organizations and households in their efforts to achieve solutions for truly sustainable living. More information about the one planet living intiative is available at

The One Planet Living initiative aims to:

  • Demonstrate what a sustainable future looks like through a variety of inspiring real‐life projects
  • Make it easy for people to understand where their environmental impacts arise and to do something about it
  • Make One Planet Living be seen as a desirable and positive lifestyle choice
  • Change the views of a critical mass of the population, including politicians, businesses and individuals, to make One Planet Living the norm.
Top Our Programs

BioRegional coordinates several programs based on the One Planet Living framework. Programs range in scale from individual multi-family and commerical buildings (ecoConcierge & Design for Sustainable Behaviors), to small infill developments and masterplanned communities (One Planet Communities) to ecodistricts spanning city blocks (One Planet Districts) to whole municipalities (One Planet Regions). Idea:

A network of Zero Carbon, Zero Waste masterplanned neighborhoods where residents grow their own food and where it is possible to reduce their household footprints to a truly sustainable level by 2020. Example:
North America’s first endorsed One Planet Community is Sonoma Mountain Village (SOMO) - a $1billion redevelopment of an 81 hectare, ex industrial site, forty miles north of San Francisco.

One Planet Districts & Campuses is a new framework for transforming existing university, commercial and residential districts into eco-districts where residents can achieve one planet living. Builds on lessons learned from the distinct Regions and Communities programs. INSERT PIC OF EDMONTON INFILL HERE!!

BioRegional is working with municipalities to take a holistic approach to sustainability by applying the One Planet Living framework to the planning and delivery of municipal services. Example: One Planet Sutton is a major initiative to promote more sustainable lifestyles, council services and local businesses within the London Borough of Sutton.