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Speaking Engagements  //  Greg Searle

“Greg Searle gave an eye-opening lecture that provide inspiring ideas and case studies about how to truly bring about change through behavior-focused design.  This approach was unique and thought-provoking, something everyone working in green design should hear about.” - American Society of Landscape Architects, NY Chapter (NYASLA)

“That lecture you did was amazing. We loved it.” – Prof. Rauzia Ally, Director of Comprehensive Building Design Studio + Solar Decathlon at Catholic University of America

“Thank you for making an inspiring presentation at the VSBN 13thAnnual Meeting. We have had very positive feedback about One Planet Living from many of our attendees!” - Annette Osso President, Virginia Sustainable Building Network

Greg’s GreenBuild presentation in Denver, Colorado was rated by 98% of attendees as Excellent or Above Average.

BioRegional North America’s Executive Director, Greg Searle, regularly gives lectures and keynote speeches at conferences around the world on occupant engagement, sustainable behaviors, and on ground-breaking case studies such as BedZED (where he lived), Sonoma Mountain Village, and One Brighton. Greg has also been invited as a guest lecturer on sustainability at universities across Canada, the United States, and Mexico. He has been invited to address a Senate sub-committee (Washington, DC), and the Quadrennial Congress of the World Conservation Union (Amman, Jordan).

Speeches can cover one or all of the following topics:

  • Lessons learned from BedZED, one of Europe’s most recognized green neighborhoods, and the inspiring prototype for One Planet Communities. As a former resident of BedZED, Greg offers an insider’s account of living in this landmark pioneering development. The UK Solar Awards called it ”perhaps the most influential of all housing projects this century.”  Urban Land magazine said“BedZED’s environmental achievements suggest that neighborhood-scale sustainable development can go much further than has been imagined in the USA.”
  • Occupant engagement and practical behavior change in buildings and communities: making sustainable lifestyles convenient and compelling for building occupants, drawing on lessons learned from:
    • The EcoConcierge occupant engagement program first started at BedZED in 2002 and continued at One Brighton, UK
    • The first ecoConcierge pilot in the USA now under way at the Blair Apartments in Silver Spring MD
    • Our 3 seasons leading household footprint reductions for a reality TV show on Discovery’s Planet Green Channel
  • Case studies from One Planet Communities: what does it take to design, build, and operate a neighborhood where residents can achieve up to an 80% reduction in household footprint? Learn surprising insights into strategies for financing & marketing green communities, and take a journey through the 10 Principles at each project to understand alternative transportation, urban agriculture, health, and energy strategies. Presentations discuss case studies from:
      • Sonoma Mountain Village, California. America’s first One Planet Community, a $1billion new urbanist redevelopment, will house 4,400 people in 1,892 homes, while providing 4,400 jobs. Recently approved by Rohnert Park City Council, construction of the commercial units is well underway with over 1,000 jobs now on-site, making a terrific green leasing success story complete with a state-recognized green business incubator. The development has over 2MW of photovoltaics now on-site, some of which was installed under an innovative private PACE financing mechanism.
      • One Brighton, UK. The first One Planet Community to be completed, One Brighton is a zero carbon, zero parking project delivered by developers BioRegional Quintain with no build cost premium. It was recognized for having the strongest sales velocity in the South-East of England in a down market, and employs a full-time EcoConcierge.
      • Grow Community, Washington State. The newest One Planet Community is an exciting case study in small-town urban infill with a terrific walk score, deriving inspiration from co-housing and pocket neighborhoods.
  •  Ecological footprint analysis as a development planning tool. Learn how a per-capita metrics-based approach to design turns conventional green planning on its ear.

Greg likes to speak to audiences and organizations who want to change the world, and is very comfortable with large audiences. What sets him apart as a speaker?

    • He is a facilitator who specializes in participatory approaches to audience learning.
  • He customizes each speech for the audience. A terrific speech requires understanding your business or the mission of the conference.
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